Dallmeier's smart recording technology

Dallmeier electronic GmbH&Co KG has named Apricum d.o.o. its representative for the region of south east Europe.

Tasks as representative partner and for the customers include:

  • Practical counselling
  • Sales of Dallmeier products and complete solutions
  • Support before buying
  • Presentation room
  • Support during projecting
  • Support in system integration (introduction into management systems and integration of other software)
  • Telephone support from Monday to Friday
  • Additional installation and upgrade of existing hardware and software of devices
  • Service and technical support during warranty period
  • Repairs after warranty period
  • Commissioning and technical support on site
  • Loan of demo devices
  • Instruction of future technicians and distributors
  • Engineering and projecting video surveillance systems
  • Support with official bid invitations, writing specifications, projecting and consulting regarding device selection, configuration, calculation of costs, providing alternative offers, preparation of complete solutions etc.
  • Access to partner forum


Partner firms are:

  • Albany: Albanian Eagle Security Systems sh.p.k
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: AFP d.o.o., Kamir d.o.o.
  • Bulgaria: Schrabul ood
  • Croatia Kamir d.o.o., TEHNOMOBIL J.T.D. d.o.o.
  • Kosovo:
  • Macedonia: Perpetuum mobile security
  • Romania Alpha Corporation International
  • Slovenia Iskra Sistemi d.o.o., MOBICOM d.o.o.
  • Serbia and Montenegro KOBRA Security Company



Email: support@apricum.com


At any time you’re heartily welcome, come visit us during working hours!