Universal RF Coupler for Connecting to KNX RF

Media Coupler addressing KNX RF Bus Devices via RF

The basic functionality of the media coupling device MECrf is coupling a KNX TP main line with a KNX RF sub line. Main task of the MECrf is filtering the traffic according to the installation place in the hierarchy (individually addressed telegrams, in this document named Physical telegrams) or according to the built in filter tables for group oriented communication (Group telegrams). Filtering of messages can be enabled or disabled.

With the MECrf it is possible to address every bus device in the bus system. For RF devices the MECrf can be used as the programming interface via TP. Programming on the TP side from RF side can be suppressed. Number of retransmissions can be reduced. Device oriented messages can be suppressed.

The MECrf has no KNX communication objects for itself, supports long messages (up to 201 byte APDU length) and features a configurable "Manual function" (e.g. transmit all group telegrams) that can be activated by a single button press. In addition, the device switches on filter tables after time out automatically.  Another feature to increase the data trough put is the ability to send an immediate acknowledged (IACK on TP side) on an own frame.

The MECrf conforms to KNX-AN161 with all options (Filtering, Raw mode) and offers a detailed internal diagnosis by displaying all operational states with six LEDs. The LEDs show the device states like bus state, bus traffic, errors/faulty messages, busy on the bus, state of the filter table, etc.