USB interface between PC and KNX TP Bus System

The KNX Interface for USB Connectivity

The KNX USB interface UIMtp establishes a bi-directional data connection between PC and KNX bus. The interface device enables addressing of every bus device in the KNX bus system, setting parameters, visualisation, protocolling and diagnosis of bus devices. With the UIMtp network configurations become less time-consuming.

The USB connector is galvanically isolated from the KNX bus. Communication between the UIMtp and the devices connected to the bus is handled via the flexible commonEMI protocol. This protocol is designed for actual and future applications. Standard software like ETS, EITT (and others) is handled by the FALCON driver.

The UIMtp supports long telegrams and ensures easy software handling also under operating systems that the FALCON driver doesn´t support (e.g. Linux). For specific diagnostic applications like EITT the UIMtp supports the "Raw Frame" operating mode. USB suspend mode is supported. Due to HID profile support no specific USB driver is required.