About us

Apricum d.o.o. was founded on July 16th in 2001 by Olivera Tomic in Split, Croatia. Its roots go back to more than 20 years of distribution and service for high-end video surveillance systems. The dynamic development and growth of the company led to the establishment of two locations in Split: shop & service point and the manufacturing facility in the duty-free-zone of the Split North Harbour.

The authorized “Balkans” branch office of Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co. developed out of the business relationship to the company and its members. Today this constellation is singular and unique, in close cooperation with its partner firms in several countries.

To satisfy the demand for a regular maintenance service and for warranty service repairs within less than 24 hours a fully equipped electronic workshop was installed. The workshop became our service-point and fulfilled all the requirements for maintaining highly sensitive electronic devices and components. So, Apricum d.o.o. started providing repair services for mobile phones, playstations, DECT-telephones and digital cameras. Due to its high quality standards Apricum d.o.o. became official contract partner of most consumer electronics brands.

On the urging of TAPKO Technologies, Germany Apricum d.o.o. ventured even further in September 2002. We established our first production floor, using a manual stencil printer, a second-hand Universal Omniplace pick and place machine and a Chinese reflow oven. The location was chosen wisely for logistic as well as for practical reasons: the duty-free-zone in the North Harbour of Split. First products were fan coil controllers for the KNX market. This opened the doors to other customers and products and finally, resulted in a full utilization of the existing equipment.

Soon the machines became too slow and failed to meet the increasing standards, especially under RoHs conditions. Improving results the manual printer was replaced by a semi-automatic DECT 249 offline printer in 2006. In April 2009 the Omniplace was replaced by two Universal GSM machines and donated to the Mechatronics department of Split university. By the end of 2010 a notable customer subjected us to a qualifiying audit to insure compliance with their internal standards as electronics supplier. The production floor was reorganized to in-line layout, an even more accurate automatic DECT 265GSX stencil printer was acquired, the reflow oven was replaced by a BTU VIP 98 with chain conveyor and stereo microscopes were introduced for quality control.

In the meantime, through increasing contact with KNX-customers, the need for more information about KNX in Croatia arose. Finally, Apricum d.o.o. became one of the founding members of the KNX National group and installed a training center for KNX in Split, Croatia. 

In July 2012 the quality management system of Apricum was certified for "production and assembly of electronic circuits and training for KNX techology" according to HRN EN ISO 9001:2009.