Universal Switch and Push Button Interface for KNX TP

TAI4 enhances Classical Push Buttons and Conventional Switches to KNX Bus Devices

The TAI4 interface device enables sensing up to four potential free contacts (or binary signals). Perfectly fit for the usage of classical conventional switches or push buttons with KNX. It finds room behind a switch in a combined wall and joint box (60 mm diameter, 60 mm deep). The floating contacts connection is provided by four 28 cm long core pairs. The contact scanning voltage is provided by the push button interface.

Available functions:

  • Sun protection
  • One-Button Shutter
  • Two-Button or One-Button Dimming
  • Switch (short/long)
  • Send Value: Percent, Angle, Temperature, Forced, 8-bit, 16-bit
  • Counter Reset
  • Blinds
  • Counter Threshold
  • Bit Scene
  • Scene
  • Counter for pulses
  • Interlock