IP Router interconnecting different KNX Media

Top modern MECip works without Additional External Power Supply

The MECip KNXnet/IP Routing & Tunneling device is the third device of the Apricum own-brand coupling devices with the ability to disable the filtering of messages by a single button press. This temporary access to other lines without ETS downloads eases commissioning of the KNX bus system. Detailed diagnostics and faulty communications on the bus are indicated by the duo-LED display at the device.

The MECip can be used as line or backbone coupler. It provides a data connection between the upper KNXnet/IP line (main line or backbone) and the lower KNX TP line (sub line). The basic functionality of the MECip is to couple the Ethernet with one or more KNX TP lines. The MECip features a galvanic isolation between the Ethernet and the KNX TP line(s). Due to its flexibility the MECip can be used as a line coupler e.g. to connect several KNX TP lines via Ethernet. It can also be used as a backbone coupler to connect several TP areas or different TP installation systems via Ethernet.

Main task of the MECip is to filter the traffic according to the installation place in the hierarchy (individually addressed telegrams) or according to the built in filter tables for group oriented communication (Group telegrams). With the ETS or any other KNX compatible commissioning tool the MECip can be used as the programming interface. For this purpose the device provides up to four additional physical addresses that can be used for tunneling. In general, with the tunnelling protocol there is a connection point for the ETS to enable commissioning and monitoring. The MECip has no KNX communication objects for itself.