Dry contacts interface, Sensor device for technical binary signals

Specifications & Special Features:

  • Enables the use of classical conventional switches
  • Simple low-cost device with small dimensions
  • Suitable for flush mounting
  • NO or NC contact operation
  • Sensor inputs for up to 4 independent devices with potential-free floating contacts such as conventional switches, push-buttons or window contacts
  • Large number of applications for the inputs like sun protection, one- or two-button shutter/dimmer, switch (short/long), send value (percent, angle, temperature, 2-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit), counter, scene, interlock)
  • Input scanning voltage with an average value of 3,3V
  • Internal supply via the KNX bus line · Low current consumption
  • Detection of short and long switching
  • Each channel configurable and being controlled separately by the ETS
  • Can be used with ETS3.0d and higher
  • Push-button for programming the physical address