Multi-channel sensor and actuator device

Specifications & Special Features:

  • Modular installation device for 35mm top-hat rails (DIN, TH35) or direct wall mounting (3-screw)
  • Internal supply via externally connected 230 V AC
  • Output channel / KNX bus line / power supply use electrical screw terminal connectors
  • Input connection via screwless terminal block
  • Multi-connection with 24 binary channels consisting of 12 binary sensor inputs and 12 binary actuator outputs
  • Input scanning by voltage pulses with peak value 18 V
  • Dry contact inputs for sensing up to 12 independent devices with potential-free floating contacts such as conventional switches and push-buttons
  • NC/NO actuator outputs switch up to 12 independent electrical consumers (AC-1, AX, DC) via potential free contacts (bi-stable relay)
  • Large number of logic functions for the input channels (sun protection, one-button shutter, dimming, ...) and the output channels (switch, scene, staircase, delay, ...)
  • Detection of short and long switching
  • Each channel configurable and being controlled separately by the ETS
  • Can be used with ETS3.0d and higher
  • Push-button for programming the physical address