24 Channels KNX Sensor/Actuator Device

2x12 Multi Channel Input/Output for KNX TP

The MIO12 is a modular installation device for TH35 mounting rail distribution boards. It combines a 12fold binary Input as sensors with a 12fold binary Output as actuators in one housing. Each Input/Output channel is separately controlled via KNX. The internal supply is carried out via externally connected 230 V. The KNX bus connection and the Output connection are established via screw terminals.

The actuator channels switch up to 12 different electrical loads via potential free contacts (bi-stable relais). The Input also consists of 12 independent channels to sense up to 12 conventional switches and push buttons via potential free contacts. Provided are scanning pulses with a peak voltage of 18 V. The Input is connected by a quick plug-in connector.