Apricum and KNX worldwide

KNX - the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control

Apricum d.o.o. became 199th member of KNX on the Light & Building fair 2010 on the 20th aniversary of KNX.
Apricum is one of the founder of the KNX national group of Croatia.
Apricum has always been very activ in promoting the KNX system in the Balkan region.
Foundation of the Serbian KNX national group in Novi Sad,Serbia 04.06.2007.
Foundation of the Croatian KNX national group in Split, Croatia 06.06.2007.
Today KNX is present in over 105 countries.
Architects and planners may choose between 6.769 different products from 268 different manufacturers spread in 32 countries over the world.

For spreading the knowledge about the standard for home and building control we have established a KNX training center.