Line/backbone coupler device for TP to TP

Specifications & Special Features:

  • Can be used as a line/backbone coupler or as a line repeater in any KNX network
  • Galvanic isolated data connection between two separate KNX bus lines (for both coupler and repeater function)
  • Can be used with ETS3.0d and higher
  • Support of long telegrams (max. 240 bytes APDU length)
  • IACKs sent on own frame for data throughput increase
  • Reduced number of retransmissions
  • Ability to suppress device configurations from sub line to main line (full access from main line to sub line)
  • Ability to temporarily disable the filtering of messages by pressing a button. This reduces the bus load to make commissioning and debugging easier. Then the temporary access to other lines is possible without an additional download from the ETS
  • Bus status (traffic, errors, routing) on each line are accurately shown by six duo LEDs
  • Many functions (filtering, tracing, blocking, ...) available
  • Trace the sub line traffic
  • Enable/disable filtering of Group telegrams or Physical telegrams
  • Suppress device oriented telegrams
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Configurable one-button activation of special functions
  • Installation module for 35mm top-hat rails (DIN, TH35)