From concept through to finished product

Due to a professionally equipped manufacturing facility located in the duty-free-zone "LUKA SPLIT" (Split, North Harbour) Apricum d.o.o. produces highly sophisticated electronic devices.

Turnkey manufacturing, mainly for the area of building automation, from material procurement, production, testing, commissioning to labelling, packing and worldwide dispatch

  • Conventional SMD assembly with placement of most common components
  • Capability to manually assemble odd components
  • Assembly with material provided by the customer in parts or in total
  • Worldwide purchase of material, directly from the manufacturer if required

Apricum d.o.o. offers a documented quality, reliable processing and a fast production in time at reasonable prices. We accept orders from prototypes to 100,000 units p.a., with average production lots of 2,000 to 5,000 pieces.

Together with our partner TAPKO Technologies GmbH in Germany Apricum d.o.o. provides developing flexible testing concepts (ICT/Function test/Burn in) and handling of Lifecycle Management for components (Last-order/Last-time-buy).


Complete procurement of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), electronic components and electromechanical parts. Our optimized pricing is delivered by the long-time contacts with our business partners. During the entire production process the material traceability is ensured.

Automatic Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards

Electronics production at Apricum d.o.o means technological service from the idea of the system to the series assembly. Efficiency, high quality and short time delivery are basic elements of our product manufacturing process. We ensure stable high quality of your electronic devices through an ongoing certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standard.

Manual Assembly and Customized Production

Apricum d.o.o has manufacturing capacities for conventional assembly of all components. We provide working places for small and medium series with rework stations for assembly of BGA´s, QFP´s etc. and without risk for the components.

Quality Control

Quality control is main part of our production. Highly-qualified staff is checking all electronic modules after production. According to our clients' specifications we conceptualize and manufacture testing tools. In our climatic test chamber (+180°C to –40°C) we perform function tests, final tests and statistic and dynamic tests. Besides advanced product testing we provide a fully documented manufacturing process and full traceability of components.


In this short movie you can watch our production facility