22.07.2013: Arrival of our new "Family member"

We expand our manufacturing capacities with a new Universal Genesis pick and place machine.

- The new beauty still veiled

- Young generation

- Crew in front of "Brenda"

- In place for work

Monday the 22nd of July we started early, removing the old faithful GSM 1 from the production line. The manufacturing process had to be intermittently stopped. Due to crowded space first the paste printer had to be moved and then good-bye to the old GSM 1. It felt almost like betraying an old love for a younger sweetheart! Due to a perfect organisation on the part of our forwarding agent and especially to extra hours from Universal Instruments staff  (Brenda - the machine was nicknamed after You!) the new Genesis arrived just in time and was joyfully welcomed , unpacked and installed in very short time. Competent technical support by UI assured smooth transition to the new pace of production with the new equipment.

Here you can see in a movie how the replacement was done.