01.09.2016: Product Innovation 2016: IPS640 - Apricum´s first KNX Power Supply Unit

Up to now the narrowest KNX power supply with diagnostics for 640mA.

Product Innovation 2016

Product Innovation Sept. 2016: KNX Power Supply Unit IPS640

In deed, Apricum´s new KNX power supply unit IPS640 requires only 2HP space on the top-hat rail and therefore it reduces the total installation costs considerably. In addition to switching other KNX devices and providing an additional external output the intelligent IPS640 offers a wide range of diagnostic functions. The device also supports a remote reset via the KNX bus system and KNX bus reset to be simply accomplished by a single button press on its front. For monitoring purposes the measurement data of current, voltage, KNX bus load and internal device temperature are accessible. Together with the event counters for overload, short circuit, KNX bus reset and device startup the state of the device and the KNX bus line can be documented properly. This facilitates troubleshooting enormously. All configurable functions can be optimally adjusted using ETS parameters.