RF TP interface device

Specifications and Special Features:

  • Data connection between KNX-TP-main line and KNX-RF-sub line
  • Access to every bus device in the KNX bus system
  • Support of long telegrams (APDU: max. 201 bytes)
  • Filtering the traffic according to the installation place in the hierarchy or according to the built in filter tables for group-oriented communication
  • Filtering of group messages and unnecessary device-oriented messages; full filter table available
  • On the TP side IACKs can be sent on own frame
  • Reduction of re-transmissions
  • Ability to suppress device configurations from RF side to TP side with simultaneously ensuring transparent full access from TP side to RF side
  • Configurable one-button activation of special functions
  • Available special function: "pass all telegrams"
  • Bus status (traffic, errors, routing) on each side are accurately shown by six duo LEDs
  • Communication problems due to high bus loads or retransmissions between both lines are indicated
  • Conform to KNX-AN168 in all options
  • Support of Raw Frames, a special diagnostic mode
  • Can be used with ETS5 and higher