USB KNX TP Interface Device

Specifications & Special Features:

  • Access to every bus device in the KNX bus system for commissioning, addressing, setting parameters, visualization, protocolling and diagnostics
  • Enables a data connection between PC and KNX bus line without need for an extra application program
  • Galvanic isolated bi-directional access to KNX TP
  • USB 2.0 interface device with Type B connector
  • Database available for ETS4 and higher
  • Support of long telegrams (max. 220 bytes APDU length)
  • Usage also without FALCON driver software
  • Use of cEMI ("Common EMI") protocol
  • Support of Raw Mode, a special diagnostic mode
  • HID profile support. No specific USB driver needed
  • Can be used with any ETS and EITT
  • Low current consumption Installation module for 35mm top-hat rails (DIN, TH35)